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Automate, Integrate & Report

What Makes MACRIM Different?

We don't necessarily feel like "replacement" is always the answer when it comes to the weaknesses of core systems which have served businesses for years.

Rather than trying to replace or rebuild, MACRIM simply helps your core systems talk to other systems and gives users more insight into what their systems do.

MACRIM provides automation, integration and reporting services that will transform the way teams handle the data that flows through their organization, utilizing their current systems to help save them time and money.

Bridge gaps between teams and systems

Manage files easily

Manage your files with precision. Whether it’s payroll, deductions, benefits eligibility or enrollments, MACRIM simplifies how organizations secure, distribute, and retrieve relevant files and data across teams and systems in compliance with industry regulations and security stipulations.

Automate employee workflows

Create synchronized workflows across teams and systems, and spend time on critical tasks. From start to completion, MACRIM moves work automatically through processes and prompts users when input is needed. We enable access and visibility on a need-to-know basis.

Assess team performance

Monitor and analyze team performance quickly. MACRIM provides a unified portal for transparency, security, and synchronization within teams, tracking the efficiency of each participant and layer, and distributing relevant information to specific personnel.