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Transform the Way Your Team Handles

The Flow of Organizational Data

with one platform

Perfect Your Unique Workflows

Drive Insights and Agility

with one platform

Connect Geographically Dispersed Teams

Bridge Technologically Diverse Systems

with one platform

Give Your Need-to-Know Users

Real-Time Visibility Into Work in Progress

with one platform

Are you ready to take down your biggest operational challenges?

Manage - Automate - Optimize

Your work process with MACRIM

data through multiple channels

Allow your clients to pass mission-critical data into your workflow through multiple channels and formats.

format, map, and ensure data relevance

Map, parse, and validate incoming data based on custom rules and existing data from multiple sources.

hands-off advance of work

Trigger workflows, file and report production, and notifications based on timing, data intake and more.

across systems and teams

Connect all your work in one place, and bring teams and systems together – anywhere.

transform, deliver, and notify

Produce reports and other output in multiple formats, transform data for downstream vendors, share, and notify.

track performance and progress

View, manage and track your team’s work with less overhead

Who Does MACRIM Help?

MACRIM’s ideal customer is the small to medium-sized business that prefers personalized, flexible, professional services.

We create a fully custom user experience, working in close partnership with customers to support their team’s efforts and achieve their goals.

Our work on behalf of our customers is designed to elevate their brand presence and advance their market impact.

We also make our technology widely available and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

We have earned the trust of  our customers , including these fine companies

What Our Clients Say About Us

Working in the insurance industry in multiple international markets, I can tell you that MACRIM is an absolute must for administrators and sponsors. It is easy to integrate and to set up a workflow management process that radically streamlines operations.

MACRIM enabled our team to experience a very rapid launch. Within weeks we had a fully operational, paperless online presence that improves our visibility, tracks account data and money movements, administers payroll, executes reports and more.

With MACRIM you get high value at low cost, with considerable savings over homegrown and other solutions. And working with the MACRIM team is enjoyable – they are quick to respond and consistently deliver outstanding personalized service and support.

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